The Restaurants of Jerusalem

I start with East Jerusalem, the main Arab region, where Middle East food is paramount.

  • Petra Restaurant

Here, one will find a spacious restaurant that specializes in fantastic Middle Eastern food. Conveniently located at 11 Al Rashid Street. It is easy to find and has been in this same location for over 50 years. If one does not like Middle East food, one can also get a good hamburger!

  • Azzahara Restaurant

Here is another restaurant that has been around for over 50 years and specializes in Middle East food. A wonderful selection of Arab cooking, but one can also get a pizza if one prefers. This restaurant is located in the Azzahara Hotel, in the Sheik Jarrah area on 13 Azzahara Street.

  • Arabesque Restaurant

This is one of the most outstanding restaurants in Jerusalem. Located in the American Colony Hotel, which is a gem in itself, and having dinner here, or in the outdoor restaurant if the weather permits, is an unforgettable treat. The hotel is located in the Sheik Jarrah area on Louis Vincent Street.

  • El Marrakesh Restaurant

Moroccan Jews run the restaurant. It is one of the most authentic restaurants in all of Jerusalem. While one could probably get a hamburger, I have to ask why? If one wants a real Moroccan dinner, with all of the atmosphere and entertainment, this is THE place. It is located at 4 King David Street in the New City.

  • Philadelphia Restaurant

This is one of my favorites, located in the Sheik Jarrah area on Shimon Ha Tzzadik Street. They serve a variety of exceptional Arab dishes. Of course, one could get a hamburger, but again, I ask why?

Let us look at Continental Restaurants now.

  • Adom Restaurant

Located in the Fiengold Courtyard, just off Jaffa Road, is one of the best Continental restaurants in Jerusalem. They offer excellent French wines and excellent French cuisines. This is not to be missed on any trip to Jerusalem.

  • Gabriel Restaurant

Located in “restaurant row” on Ben Shetach, one will find this beautiful Continental Restaurant. While it is Kosher, it offers some of the finest French cuisine in all of Jerusalem. If one wants a gourmet delight, try the Chateaubriand for two. It is well worth the price and will provide an unforgettable experience.

  • Montifiore Restaurant

If one likes Italian food and wants a perfect atmosphere, this is the place. Located across from the Jaffa Gate of the Old City, one will see the Montifiore Windmill. Just beneath the windmill is this fantastic restaurant. It provides some terrific pasta dishes as well as superb seafood dishes and has to have one of the greatest views of the Old City of Jerusalem. This one place is not to be missed.

  • Iwo Meat Burger Restaurant

Therefore, one must just have to have a hamburger. This is THE place. Of course, there is a McDonalds, and there is a Burger King, but there is only one Iwo Meat Burger! Located at 28 Hillel Street in the city center, one will find the mother of all hamburgers! Signs warn vegetarians that this is not their place! One will not forget this place.

OK, this is just a small smattering of some of the fantastic restaurants in Jerusalem. Perhaps in another Ezine we can discuss others. These are some that I have been to and can report first hand an unforgettable experience.

How to Attract Clients to Your Restaurant?

There are many people who prefer going to restaurants from time to time to change their daily routine, to eat their favorite dishes that cannot be prepared at home with the same taste and to enjoy their time with their friends and families. There are many things that attract customers to the restaurants and not only one thing which is always thought to be the taste of the food. The most important thing that attracts people’s attention and invites them to enter the restaurant is its design. When the customers notice that the restaurant is well-designed, they decide to try the food that is presented in it. So it is very necessary for restaurants’ owners to care about the design of their restaurants.

You can find many ideas that allow you to increase the customers of your restaurant. The restaurant should be well-lit and adding candles on the tables will create a romantic atmosphere. The colors of your restaurant should be chosen carefully to create harmony. There should be tables with different sizes that suit all the requirements of the customers whether they are in large or small numbers. There should be enough space that separates tables from each other to provide the customers with the privacy that they need.

The chairs of the restaurant should be comfortable and it will be better for the chairs to be easily moved. The restaurant that is well-organized will save more space in it for free movement. You can make your customers enjoy their time in your restaurant by adding means of entertainment such as televisions.

We always care about the innovative ideas and they attract us. We become curious about them and begin to think and ask ourselves about the way by which the idea is applied. The innovative designs of the restaurants do the same thing, so the restaurants’ owners try to apply innovative ideas in decorating and designing their restaurants to make them more attractive to the customers. So, it will be a good idea for you to make your restaurant extraordinary using nontraditional ideas for stunning your customers.

Finally, a good restaurant that is well-designed and decorated is the appetizer that motivates the customers to eat comfortably. Do not focus your attention on designing the restaurant and forget about the quality and taste of the food. The good design and the tasty food in your restaurant ensure attracting more and more people and achieving high profits.

The Fanciest Restaurants in New Jersey

A visit to the restaurant can be done on several occasions such as the celebration of an anniversary with a friend or family member and going out on a date. Over the years, there has been a steady increase of fancy restaurants in New Jersey that offer the most exquisite meals in the most luxurious settings.

One of the greatest benefits of these New Jersey restaurants is that they offer a variety of cuisines such as seafood, Thai, European, Italian, French, Latin American and Japanese. This gives residents a very comprehensive choice filled with variety of which cuisines they would like to try out. Also, these restaurants have some of the best chefs in the business that prepare their dishes to perfection. Plus, the service and ambiance is marvelous, thus making you feel at ease while you enjoy these mouth-watering dishes in extravagance.

One of the fanciest restaurants in NJ is the Chez Catherine. Located in Westfield, next to the Westfield Inn, this restaurant offers the best of French Cuisine. From the moment you enter, there is a welcoming feeling of satisfaction till the moment you leave the restaurant. Everything about the restaurant is simply impeccable; from the service to the wine and to the dishes. Furthermore, the meals are offered at reasonable prices. Thus, this gives residents a perfect opportunity to sample various French dishes that will revitalize their taste buds and awaken their senses in an experience that is simply unforgettable.

Next, there is Marcello’s Ristorante & Fine Catering whose d├ęcor resembles renaissance architecture. The fine fabrics, chandeliers and artificial paintings give the restaurant its own unique identity and create a romantic setting, therefore making the restaurant suitable for a romantic evening with a significant other. This quality is what makes it one of the fanciest restaurants in NJ. Located at 8 Wilsey Square, Ridgewood, the restaurant’s menu offers dishes that are a splendid combination of vegetables, starch and seafood varieties, thereby guaranteeing a balanced meal necessary for good health. Also, the restaurant offers gift certificate purchases for those that would like to dine like aristocrats in this classical set up.

Avenue, located in 23 Ocean Avenue, Long Branch, is another of the fanciest restaurants in NJ. With a setting that is reflective of a scene from classic French cinema, the restaurant offers customers a choice of either dining outdoors or indoors where customers can dine against a backdrop of high ceilings, French windows and comfortable lighting that is reminiscent of a movie scene. The meals, which consist of seafood’s such as king salmon with tomato-saffron emulsion and carrot-ginger mousse, will leave you completely refreshed.

There are other fancy restaurants located in New Jersey that offer customers the best dishes prepared by experienced chefs whose purpose is to please the customers. Dining in these restaurants is a wonderful opportunity that all city residents should try out. Customers will leave with satisfied smiles after dining like royalty in these elegant and distinguished restaurants offering a one of a kind charming eating experience.